Setting the standard for spectroscopic performance and robust reliability

Hellma Axiom

is a divison of the Hellma Group and a leading supplier of accessories and custom systems for molecular spectroscopy.

...Near-IR, Mid-IR, UV-Visible, and Raman.

Whether your applications are in the laboratory or on the process line you'll find that Hellma Axiom's accessories and systems will accommodate virtually all of your samples (even strong acids and bases) while providing high spectroscopic fidelity under wide-ranging conditions. In particular, the Company provides probe and flow cell models that withstand thermal shock and can function at temperatures from cryogenic to >500 deg. C, and pressures ranging from vacuum to >700 bar.

Process Line

Hellma Axiom's process sampling equipment sets the standard for robust performance and long term reliability for in–line probes, flow cells, and multiplexers for use with all forms of molecular spectroscopy.

Lab Line

Hellma Axiom provides a broad line of laboratory sampling equipment for the analysis of liquids, gases, powders, and slurries. Many of the company’s products, such as its diamond ATR probes, incorporate unique designs which provide important performance advantages.